Premium Luxe

Berry Crush Yoga Pants 7/8ths

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Various berry colours including strawberry, raspberry, 

blackcurrant and blueberry combine to make the Berry Crush design with a ray colours from pink to purple

Product details:

This Premium Luxe fabric with soft and silky feel is Organic sublimation printed & recyclable.  73% polyester & 27% spandex, 270gsm. 

Features & benefits include:

Soft stretch seams for added comfort
Four way stretch which is moisture wicking, quick drying and breathable 
A high waist with an inside leg seam measurement of 66cm 
and a triangle gusset to allow greater movement
Wash as per delicates 30 degrees 
Suitable for yoga, pilates, cross-fit and more!

TIP: We recommend going for the smaller one of your size range for a good fit.  The soft seam stretch will give a little, and the rest holds great shape! 

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