Hi, my name is Heather and I’d like to introduce a new and exciting brand of quality active wear that features unique designs which have been designed by myself.
My inspiration comes from a mixture of being creative, and being inspired by my two beautiful and talented nieces 


It was whilst attending their wonderful yoga classes that I found myself thinking I could design yoga pants and put my creative side to use, so utilizing my photography skills (having done a Photography BA) I decided to have a go at designing with my images, ... and here I am with this online shop!   

The name ‘Bakasana' comes from the Sanskrit term often used for ‘Crow Pose.”  This can be quite a challenging pose which feels great to achieve!  Whilst I may not be the most bendy flexible one in the family, I try to do my bit to keep active, and take onboard the yoga way of life for mind, body and spirit.

The fabric prints originally started out as my photos, although many are manipulated you probably can't tell! The Mermaid design is an image of a Napoleon fish photographed in the Red Sea; the Pennine design started out from an image looking through a raindrop window of the Pennines; and the Reindeer Pants ... well they have a variety of deers on them!  I will be sharing some blog posts on how I came to the final prints.

So whether you are a professional in all your asanas (like my nieces), or a fledgling in your crow pose (like me!), we hope you enjoy wearing Bakasana high performance sportswear for whatever you are doing … even if it’s just for chilling out with Savasana! 

The journey of Bakasana has now been launched, aiming to provide great quality activewear.  We're also aiming to grow the brand with more products to look out for.

We’d love to see your images, so please 'like' share & hashtag us to show support!   Instagram  #BakasanaActivewear and Facebook @BakasanaActivewear

It’s so exciting to see people wear a Bakasana designs and so lovely to see images of the many yoga and non-yoga poses with them!

We want to inspire you!  Be inspired and go fly the feather! 

Here's to new beginnings!


All images copyright:   www.bakasana.co.uk