Mermaid Yoga Pants made with photo of a real fish!



Want to know more about your Mermaid Yoga Pants?  The design is actually made up from a repeat photograph of a real fish! 

A couple of years ago I persuaded one of my best friends, Lisa, that it was time both of us had a deserved break.  I planned and booked an adventure to Egypt where part of it was onboard a dive boat in the Red Sea. 

Napoleon fish taken in the Red Sea



We got an amazing offer for three nights, onboard the King Snefro Sinai Mini Cruise, where we did four scuba dives a day!  Yes, it was eat, sleep, dive, repeat, eat, sleep, dive, repeat … and we loved it!  We met some lovely people from different countries including Germany, Prague and Australia, as well as the fantastic Egyptian staff onboard who looked after us exceptionally well.  After the first night in the cabin everyone then slept the following two nights under the stars on the top deck, awaking to sight of the sun rising, surrounded by the blue sky and blue water lapping around the boat.


Lisa successfully completed her Advanced Padi for scuba diving onboard, which meant she could join everyone on the deeper dives that were in store. 






Thistllegorm was the most amazing wreck dive I have ever done.  I had my SLR camera in a watertight housing enabling me to take lots of images!  Later we chilled out for a few days at an all inclusive hotel before returning home full of great memories.

So back to the Mermaid design:  I took the image of the Napoleon fish, cut it out from the background, turned him upside-down and overlapped many times making the mermaid-like scales.  The pattern was then manipulated to form a wave of scales going smaller to the tip of the Mermaid tail.   The design was sent off to make these fabulous yoga pants.










Bakasana Mermaid Yoga Pants  Designed to Inspire! 

These Mermaid pants are now on SALE!   

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