The Pennine design

The Pennine Dark yoga pants were one of the first designs.  They have been the most popular, so when we moved on to premium Luxe fabrics the Pennine Light was born with more subtle tones, however we do have plans to bring the dark colours back one day :) maybe later this year!

More on the image & I how designed them ...

Back in January 2010 when I was an undergraduate (as a mature  student!) at the University of Huddersfield studying for my Photography BA (Hons), I was scouting for a location to photograph for a project.  Advertising & Design student Juliet needed photos for her make-up project, so we went on a joint venture.  The location she wanted was a derelict building to photograph Lauren to highlight Urban Decay.  I wanted to take test shots of this old house near the Pennine crossing, but the weather was so bad I didn’t even get out of my car ... the only image I took that day was this one of the rain drops on my passenger side window!

So when I started designing patterns I revisited this image.  In Photoshop I played around with several effects, then distorted the size and perception in different areas; finally I found something I liked and called the design Pennine.  

When I was ready to expand to Premium Luxe fabrics, I played again with this image & photo effects ... I saw what looked like some poppies ... so I cloned more in to create the Poppy design, then back doing colour changes I made the Violet design ... and more!

Now, because the Pennine print has been so popular, I have recently created more designs from it picking out some awesome colours!  Berry Crush, Quartz and even Pennine Light!  Oh! and I also did a black & white version of the Poppy Red, but people are seeing pandas!  🤣

As for Juliet’s Urban Decay project we found a more suitable location … and I think we both smashed it!

See the last few remaining Pennine DARK  (only size 6-8/XS left)

See all leggings including the Pennine LIGHT in Premium Luxe fabric

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